Since 1994, I have had the opportunity to experience many different aspects of the design world. Upon graduating with my Associate Degree from Madison Area Technical College, I began my career within the newspaper industry, moving on to the publishing industry. Over the years, I've designed logos, brochures and ads, produced comples catalogs and magazines, created custom paintings, portraits and murals, completed full room compositions with faux finishes, and decorative painting. I've even painted life-sized cows and horses for local charieties (i.e. Cows on Parade and Smiles).

Fortunately, my passion is also my vocation and it's what led to the creation of Greybird Designs. Greybird Designs provides an outlet for my artistic passions. Not only do I understand the need for creating beautiful art that meets the unique desires and expectations of my clients. I listen attentively and offer effective solutions based on their specifications. Whatever the size and scope of the job, I don't stop until the client says it's just right.